Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Today is Halloween. It's a day that I hate. A day that is filled with people scarying eachother and thinking it's funny a day where witch's are out in full force. Growing up in the jungles with the Indians allowed me a window into that world which few have. A world where witch's are real, a world where satan is openly worshiped. You see I believe that witch's are real, I believe they are outthere praising satan and openly defying God. I remember one time when I was growing up the witch's had chosen venezuela as there yearly get together on Hallows Eve. You could feel the darkness in the air. THe air was literally thick with it evilness. SO today of all day's we as christians need to get together and praise our GOd. THank Him that HE IS MORE POWERFUL THAN ANYTHING AND ANYBODY. PRAISE HIM THAT NOTHING CAN SEPARATE US FROM HIM!!!!!! PRAISE OUR GOD!!!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Preparing to Leave

Preparing to leave,

As I tape up the boxes my heart is torn in two,
My eyes fill with tears as memories come rushing in,
Memories of friends and houses I once loved gone to never be seen again,

You see this is how i've lived my entire life,
It hurts as it's about to start again,
In a mere month in a half it will be time to say goodbye,
To people that have been here with me through thick and thin,

How do you prepare to leave,
How do you say goodbye to people you may never see again,
How do you express to them the importance of there friendship?

It hurts to pack a box as you know your time here is ending,
It hurts to say goodbye...........

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Friday, October 26, 2007

Me and the Lord

Cold fronts are something that I greatly anticipate around here. Well Monday morning I got my prayer. It was cold and rainy all day and I was praising the Lord for it. Monday night as I was walking home from a friends house I stopped and I looked at the sky and it was amazing. The clouds were low and thick and yet they had little cracks in them everywhere. You could just barely make out the moon and because of the glare it looked like there were 2 moons. As I stood there staring at the sky I was overwhelmed with the Lord. I stood there for a good 5 minutes in the freezing cold just talking to the Lord. It was one of those moments when you realized who you are truly serving and who we are going to meet one day. I was praising the Lord for the cold front he had given to us (i felt like it was a gift just for me) and I was just overwhelmed with love for Him. So if you haven't today take the time to just stop even just for 5 minutes and enjoy the Lord. That's all He really wants is to be enjoyed by us.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Scaring Ramon

This is my husband Ramon. FOr the most part he is usually like this tranquil and peaceful. A man's man you could call him. He loves sports, loves to hunt and fish and very strong. Well the day before yesterday he was being a wonderful father and taking some juice to our daughter and turning a movie on for all the kids when I got an idea. I thought that if I stood at the end of the hallway and waited behind the corner that when he came around I could scare him bad. So I waited there smiling at myself and just waiting to jump at him. I could barely contain myself as I waited. Then I saw his shadow and knew the time was right. I jumped out and screamed "aurghhhhhh" and my husband in reply screamed like a girl! I have never heard him like that before as his hands fluttered around his face and the high pitched scream subsided I fell to the floor in laughter. It was the higlight of my week. My husband is hard to scare many people have tried and it rarely works. So the fact that I pulled it off and even made him scream like a girl was fabulous!

Monday, October 22, 2007

women's conference

Well Esther and I did it! We pulled our first women's conference off! And i should say we did a pretty good job. We had about 140 women come and they loved it! We were exhausted by the time it was over but it was worth it. We had a great time and I would do it all over again.

The big one!

This one deserves it's own post. You see actually my nephew is the one who actually caught this fish then when my mom went to take the pic all the "boys" jumped in because they said it was a "team" fish.

Grandpa and Grandson's

One of Logan's favorite people is his Grandpa and one of his favorite pasttimes is fishing. So he loved it this summer when his grandpa took him fishing and he even took him to work with him one day to!
Baby Jesse watching all the fun
Logan caught 2 fish all by himself and even had the joy of eating them!

Summer Fun

Cousins, Uncles, and water slides

This summer we had the fun of spending a couple of weeks with our family in Virginia. One day we were able to go and spend the day with one of our friends who have a great pool and fantastic water slide. Here are some great shots that were taken. Here my nephew is having a great time his first time down!
Logan who has no fear of anything wasn't even the least bit bothered by the slide. He has since been to schiltterbahn's waterpark and went on every single water slide.
This is my brother in law (Ramon's brother, my sister's husband)
And my favorite picture of all. This is my dear husband! He is a scaredy cat anyways when it comes to these things and had to be talked into going. Just as he was coming off the slide and my sister went to snap the pic he somehow got turned around and got a nice picture of his bottom! :)
Unlike her brother, Jhocy is scared of many things and slides are no exception. Just was just as happy as the rest of them just sitting on mommy's lap.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

children and birthcontrol

As I'm sitting at the table during craft time at mops we got started on an interesting conversation. We were talking about the new law (i'm not sure if it has been passed yet or not) about middle schoolers being able to get birthcontrol prescriptions. My opinion (which i think is the right one) is that it's ridiculous! Kids have no business taking those things and it definantly shouldn't be so easy for them to get them. I say if my kid feels that they are old enough to do the crime then they are old enough to deal with the aftermath. Whether it be an STD or pregnancy. Of course I don't want either one of those to happen but that doesn't mean that I'm going to go out there and make it easy for them either. Another lady unfortanantly did not agree. Which surprised me as she is a Pastors wife. She says that she works with problem girls all the time and she disagrees with that. I asked her if one of her kids came to her would she provide them with condoms and birthcontrol and she said that after she told them all of the problems that come along with if they still wanted to she would. She feels that since they are trying to be responsible then yes give it to them. Which I just thought was insane. She says she feel morally its wrong to do that before marriage but she wants her kids to be safe and if they want it bad enough they will get it anyways. I told her yes I want mine safe to but there is no way that I'm going to make it so easy for them. I told her that for me it was also an eternal issue for me. That one day I will have to stand before the Lord and I want to tell Him i did my very best with my kids and I cant do that if I ever handed them the pills or anything else for that matter. What do you think, am I wrong on this issue? (Of course I dont' really think I am just curious as to what you think)


Today at mops was an interesting morning. To start off with.... I'm sitting at the table with different people when I look up and see a man that looks like he has just stepped off the set of Men In Black! I start laughing and tell everyone that he looks like he is with the CIA or FBI. Then we see him greet other people so we just go on with our business. THen they introduce our speeker and up comes our man. And he does work with the FBI actually and undercover agent! How exciting is that. He starts off with "I don't want to scare you but..." It was actually very informative and very interesting. He told us all about child safety on the internet and with strangers. Things to do just in case something horrible happens to our kids and when it really is ok to call the cops. It's such a sad place that our world has become. When we can't even let our kids go outside without the worry of who is out there watching. Things happen in just a matter of minutes sometimes seconds. What are we as parents supposed to do? My stomach turns as i think about it and my heart breaks for the parents who are living it right now. All I can do is pray!

my family

WHen we came we were 3 and now.....
we're 5!

baby jesse

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

These were the days

These were the days when my kids still say mommy,
When the world is still so full of wonder,
When reading a book is all they ask of us,
When snowball fights and snowmen are the perfect winter

I will cherish these days with everything in me,
I will love my kids and read with them,
I will make the best snowman ever,

These were the days when my kids still want to hug me,
WHen I am their favorite person,
WHen there favorite song is still "Twinkle, Twinkle little star"

Oh my dear children, I will cherish these days with you,
I love your hugs and singing with you,

Moving on.....

Well it looks like i'm finally back up and running! I can finally log on to my own blog again. SO many things have been going on lately. Just 2 mths left till graduation and then finally it will be time to leave this place. I didn't want to leave for a while and now all i can think about is getting out of here. BUt oh the packing that needs to be done in order to be ready on time.
Its so funny to me how time changes people. I look back and see how Ramon and I were when we first came here and realize the amount that we have changed. We really aren't even the same people anymore. In so many ways we were still kids. The experiences and circumstances that we have gone through since being here have turned us into adults. (whether we like it or not) :)
The people that we have had the privilege of meeting and some even becoming close and dear friends. The trials that the Lord has allowed us to go through in order to bring us closer to Him. The heartaches that we have experienced both separatly and as a couple. All the joy that God has given to us. The indescribable way that Lord has allowed us to see HIS hand moving amongst HIS people. I haven't attended a single class here and yet I feel as though I have learned so much. I consider myself priviledged to be able to serve GOd in the way that He has called my family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I guess what I'm trying to say in this blog is that I'm ready to move on. I'm ready to start this next phase that the Lord has for us. Pray for us as we prepare ourselves for the rest of the journey. The great part is that we know where the ending will take us it's just the part in the middle that is a mystery.