Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One Red Tulip among a field of Green

Sunday morning on our way home was one of those moments where I wished I could have stopped traffic right there in the middle of the bridge and taken a breathtaking photo of the field below. Now since I can't really stop traffic nor am I one of those people that can take a "wow" photo there is no picture to accompany this post. Sorry just trust me it was amazing!
We were driving along and I looked down and there in a field of nothing but green grass was one lone bright red tulip! It was stunning, breathtaking! And the thought almost immediately struck me "A light in the world" The tulip was impossible to miss. It was a splash of color. It was amazing. It was perfect right where it was. Which then started my mind thinking upon other things. Is this what God means when He tells us to be a light, to be different? We are supposed to mix in with the world and yet be different, stand out. Is this how God see's us when He looks down on the world?
Then I thought. I want to be like that tulip! I want to be breathtaking to God! I want when people look at me that they see the light of Christ shining through. I don't want people to see the natural me, the part of me that desires to blend, the part of me that is content just being green. I want the world, God, to see the part that is like that tulip. The part that has been transformed and made beautiful through Christ!
Lord, help me to be a tulip among a field of green!!!