Monday, September 15, 2008

Have we already forgotten???

Last night my husband and I were flipping through channels and we came across the history channel and they were doing a show about 9/11. And my oh my I was so overcome with so many different emotions. I remember that day, where I was when I found out, the anger and the fear that swept through me, the way that the entire nation flew flags from every place possible for months after. I remember feeling completly terrified and not truly safe. That day the world changed for me. That day I saw human nature at it's worst. I saw satan in all his glory and cheering for what the world had become. And I also saw my Heavenly Father hugging and taking care of all of us in that time.
I don't want people to forget. We shouldn't forget how we felt, we should not forget the firemen who were some of the bravest people who I have ever seen. We should not forget the day that changed America forever!
So here is to our soldiers who are over there defending us, who are over there living bravery every single day so that me and my kids don't have to live in terror! So that my kids already have a safer America than what we had that day!
THis is to us never forgetting!!!

My husbands blog!

Well Ramon finally did it! He finally decided to open his own blog! Maybe now through his writings we will be able to figure out what goes in in his mind! So go on over and check it out. It is Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Big Day in the Acosta Household!!!

Today I woke up much earlier than I usually do. At 6:30! I wanted to make sure I made a favorite household breakfast and have everything nice and ready to avoid as much stress as much as possible. All for a very special boy in my life. Today was Logan's first day of kindergarten!!!! I can't believe it. 5 yrs have gone by so fast. As he got dressed in his uniform I was full of pride for this independent little boy. He is such a joy in our lives and he brings so much laughter to our house. And then as I was holding his hand in mine as I walked him in to his classroom and I looked down at his face and could see his eyes all puffy and red and trying his hardest not to cry and his hand held on a little tighter to mine I was full of love, sympathy, fear, protectiveness. I wanted so badly to hold him in my arms and take him back home with me. But I didn't, I squeezed his hand and told him he was going to be awesome and I would see him soon. And then as I walked out the door and turned around for one more look and saw him truly struggling I to was brought to tears for my little man! (Now for those of you who know Logan you know this is not a normal way for him to act and this is why it affected me so deeply) But he stayed and I left and he did GREAT! He even got a little award. He did tell me that he didn't really talk to anyone as he was to shy. But he is excited for his next day of school and is already practicing his Bible verse to say on friday. Way to go Logan!