Monday, October 29, 2007

Preparing to Leave

Preparing to leave,

As I tape up the boxes my heart is torn in two,
My eyes fill with tears as memories come rushing in,
Memories of friends and houses I once loved gone to never be seen again,

You see this is how i've lived my entire life,
It hurts as it's about to start again,
In a mere month in a half it will be time to say goodbye,
To people that have been here with me through thick and thin,

How do you prepare to leave,
How do you say goodbye to people you may never see again,
How do you express to them the importance of there friendship?

It hurts to pack a box as you know your time here is ending,
It hurts to say goodbye...........

1 comment:

stephanie garcia said...

It is hard ... but God will see you through, my friend ...