Monday, October 22, 2007

Cousins, Uncles, and water slides

This summer we had the fun of spending a couple of weeks with our family in Virginia. One day we were able to go and spend the day with one of our friends who have a great pool and fantastic water slide. Here are some great shots that were taken. Here my nephew is having a great time his first time down!
Logan who has no fear of anything wasn't even the least bit bothered by the slide. He has since been to schiltterbahn's waterpark and went on every single water slide.
This is my brother in law (Ramon's brother, my sister's husband)
And my favorite picture of all. This is my dear husband! He is a scaredy cat anyways when it comes to these things and had to be talked into going. Just as he was coming off the slide and my sister went to snap the pic he somehow got turned around and got a nice picture of his bottom! :)
Unlike her brother, Jhocy is scared of many things and slides are no exception. Just was just as happy as the rest of them just sitting on mommy's lap.

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stephanie garcia said...

That picture of Ramon is so funny and I love the last one of you and Jhocy ... so sweet!