Thursday, November 29, 2007


Today I went to mops and I was very glad as we had an excellent speaker. She shared with us some poems that she has written and I loved them. With her permission I'm going to post them on here. I"m sure that you can identify as I did with them.

I'm TIred

I live a life filled with stuff and things
To do's add up like erutping springs

What am I doing it all for
Running to the church or to the store

I know that you have a plan for me
But does it include insanity

I know I won't win mother of the year
But today I gave hugs and wiped a tear

Here I go swimming in a sea of unmet expectations
I've gotta make dinner, clean the house, wash a load, call friends, and solve the issues of United Nations

Tell me houw easch of my small things will become a life
A life lived for You along with being a mother and wife

Help me O Lord, becuse I am tired
Doing an endless job, Can I request to be fired?

FIll me, Oh Lord, I have no where I'd rather be
The light just came on and I am running on empty

And there you are waiting with open arms for me
With a tank full of love giving compassionately

And Lord you knew all along that I was tired
But you let me run on caffeine until I was wired

I give up I've crashed and I think I need a 6 day nap
Then I realize you have held me close curled up in your lap

WIth you dear Lord I no longer need to be tired
YOu have filled me with your love and now I am inspired.
Michelle Price

Fearfullly and Wonderfully Made

You were fearfully and wonderfully made
Even before you were born and weighed

You sweet girl are made just by Him
No mistakes or could've been

You were made with freckles or curly hair
Every inch of you made with care

You wer given beautiful eyes
And yes even those thighs

He looked upon you with such pride
I wonder if he sang you lullabies

Your beauty He looks upon with wonder
No part of you was a blunder

You see to Him you are gorgeous beyond any to see
He knit you in your mothers womb uniquely

You were made valuable beyond rubies and gold
After He made you He broke the mold

He knew exactly what you would become
A wife, a teacher, and even a mom

There is only one you can never be replaced
God rejoiced the day you were fearfully and wonderfully made
Michele Price

me allegro de que esten por alla......

THis was in an email from Ramon's cousin. Someone who used to be very chavista. Someone who is a lawyer in venezuela. Here is another part of her email... aqui en venezuela las cosas estan mal... y si aprueban la supuesta reforma que no es ninguno reforma, pasaremos practicamente a otro cuba...... To see these words from her is not a good sign for venezuela.

Please, please pray for venezuela. On sunday they will be haveing voting again. Yesterday Chavez ex-wife was on tv begging for people to vote no. And apologizing for helping him in the beginning saying that she did not know that it was going to get this bad. Yesterday as students were protesting fighting broke out. Students were throwing rocks at the guards as guards were throwing tear gas at them. Ramon's family wants out and yet can't. If the rumors come true that we are hearing things are not going to be good this coming year. Please pray!