Friday, June 27, 2008

Worth Waiting FOr...

As I've been working in my garden this summer, God has been using those moments of quiet to talk to me. I've been thinking so much about where we are in our life right now and the fact that we are not doing alot ministry wise. This has been especially difficult for me right now as I feel like "Ok Lord, you sent us to Bible school for 4 yrs and now here we are! Why aren't we doing anyting?" He has been using the flowers, trees and seeds to show me signficant things. Like one, we have a tree in our back yard that is in desperate need of pruning. It can't really bloom to all it's glory until all the useless branches are cut off from it. God has been using that to show me, that I still have things I need to work on before He can allow me to bloom. I can't be expected to go out and help other quite yet. I just need to focus on GOd and allow Him to prune me in the way I need it. Also when we were planting our flowers we bought some that were already flowers just needed to be planted but the majority of what we bought were seeds. So the kids and I went out and dug holes for our little seeds and planted them. We have been watching them with much anxiety. But it has seemed to take forever for them to produce any flowers! ANd then last night after the kids were in bed and I was out weeding my little garden I looked down and there was a purple flower! From our seeds! I was so excited. I ran inside and grabbed Ramon and forced him to come outside and look. You see, the last couple of months as i've been working out there and not seeing any flowers and was enviously looking around at the nieghbors garden who didn't buy seeds and went ahead and bought the more expensive flowers. I kept thinking "Man I wish we hadn't needed to buy the cheap seeds." God just kept whispering to my heart "The good things are worth waiting for" I felt like He wasn't just talking about the flowers but also about Panama. So you see God can and does use the little things to teach us things and as my little purple flower can attest to there are some things that are just WORTH WAITING FOR!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Transracial Family

I have been reading alot of people's blogs lately who are adopting transracially and it seems to be a big topic among most of them about the world and them adopting children of a different race. And it ocurred to me that my family is a transracial family. I say "ocurred" because in all honesty it is something that I just don't think about all that often. Ramon is alot darker than I am but I truly just don't think about it very much. We do tend to get looks sometimes when we are out and about but not all the time. For the most part I think people accept more than we give them credit for. Another topic is making sure the children stay in tune with there "race" I do want to make sure that my kids realize that they are half latin and half american. I want them to be proud of both sides of them. But at the same time I don't want that to define who they are. I don't think the color or ones skin or where there race generated from should define someone. I want my children to realize that yeah my parents are 2 different colors and yes I do come from venezuela and america but my ultimate family is God's family. I can't really say that my kids are growing up Latino or American because we just kind of do things our own way. We take the best from both cultures and incorporate them into our daily lives. We try to live our lives simply by they way God wanted us to. I'm not trying to make my kids "white"or "latino" I just want them to realize that they are not defined by a race, but that they are defined by God's eyes and in his eyes we are all special! So I guess my point is, that yes we are a transracial family but that is not what defines us as a family. That yes my husband is a different color than me, but he has been the love of my life since I first layed eyes on him and he will be till I die. That yes, my kids are latin and american but they are not defined by either of those races. That we are simply put "All part of GOd's family"

Thursday, June 19, 2008

ONe of THOSE moms!!!

Well I've done it.... I've finally become one of those moms!! I have put my kids on a STRICT schedule! I have been so exhausted and irritated in the morning because all 3 kids wake up SOOO early. So Ramon and I talked and we came up with a schedule that we are going to keep! I'm determined. THe kids will not be allowed to come downstairs until 8:00 AM but they are also not going to be going to bed until 8:40 PM. We have chore time, craft time, free time, reading time, all kinds of things. To be honest they are not liking "the schedule" as they are calling it but you know what I LOVE IT! I loved having an hr to myself this morning before I had to be "mom" It is making for a much happier ME! And it is making things around here run alot smoother. So yes I am one of those mothers who do the schedule thing even though I swore to myself I wouldn't be, I have to admit it really is the better way to go!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

NO MORE!!!!!

Tonight as we finished the book "A Woman's Heart God's Dwelling Place" by Beth Moore I became completly overwhelmed with emotion. It was by something I had never really even given much thought to before. We were talking about heaven, she brought up the fact thaqt even though we don't have alot of information about what it is we do know something. NO MORE! Oh how this touched me to my very soul. NO MORE, NO MORE, NO MORE! No more watching the people you love die right in front of your eyes, No more loneliness, No more rejection, NO more having the people you love hurt you, No more sadness, No more feeling of self worthlessness, No more fighting, No more guilt, No more pain, No more tears, No more wishing for something more,
I could contine going on here about NO MORE but I think you get my idea. I was truly moved to tears by the thought of No more. There are so many things in my life that I just can't wait for them to be gone.
Not only does God want to make us a beautiful home to live in but He is going to make it a place where there won't even be a thought that will bring us pain! How amazing is that. Wow, we have a truly magnificent Father don't we.
What about you? WHat is your list of NO MORE'S???

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Heat, Heat and more Heat!

Well here I am I haven't written in a couple of days. Mainly because it's been so hot here I can't seem to get myself to do anything, except play in the pool with the kids. I have been cleaning and just about killing myself to get it done. But today I have decided to simply not worry about it and just relax with the kids. The pool is busted though have to figure that out. So we are not even going to go outside just hang inside and watch TV. I know there are many mothers out there who consider that completly awful but I just can't bring myself to care. I mean 1 day of mindless TV watching isn't really going to do anyone any harm. Is it????

Oops, just got a phone call from my sister. Looks like I don't have to sit in my non-airconditioned house. She's going to come and get me and kids to go over to her house! Yeah! I'll be babysitting but that's just fine with me! Anything to get out of the heat and into the air!!! So now I'm off to get dressed and ready to go. THank you Lord.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Well it is only 8:19 and I have been up for about 2 hrs already. Oh the joys of young children who wake up at the crack of dawn.
Logan is at his cousins house for the weekend. He was so excited yesterday when he was leaving that he was going to get to stay for 2 whole nights! It's the most exciting that has ever happened in his young little life.
So Jhocy is in the living room watching a Barbie movie. For the mothers out there for have daughters Barbie movies are great for them. Clean and just to cute.
Jesse is running around causing havoc wherever he can. 1 yr olds.... there is nothing quite like them. :)
So not alot on the agenda for the day. CLean the kitchen AGAIN! I swear cleaning the kitchen has to take up at least 1 3rd of our lives! Never ending. Just going to clean up some, boil some eggs, give the kids some nap time and just enjoy the day. At the moment I'm feeling pretty relaxed and up for the day. I'll check back in tonight at let you know how long that feeling lasted!