Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Today is Halloween. It's a day that I hate. A day that is filled with people scarying eachother and thinking it's funny a day where witch's are out in full force. Growing up in the jungles with the Indians allowed me a window into that world which few have. A world where witch's are real, a world where satan is openly worshiped. You see I believe that witch's are real, I believe they are outthere praising satan and openly defying God. I remember one time when I was growing up the witch's had chosen venezuela as there yearly get together on Hallows Eve. You could feel the darkness in the air. THe air was literally thick with it evilness. SO today of all day's we as christians need to get together and praise our GOd. THank Him that HE IS MORE POWERFUL THAN ANYTHING AND ANYBODY. PRAISE HIM THAT NOTHING CAN SEPARATE US FROM HIM!!!!!! PRAISE OUR GOD!!!!!