Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Scaring Ramon

This is my husband Ramon. FOr the most part he is usually like this tranquil and peaceful. A man's man you could call him. He loves sports, loves to hunt and fish and very strong. Well the day before yesterday he was being a wonderful father and taking some juice to our daughter and turning a movie on for all the kids when I got an idea. I thought that if I stood at the end of the hallway and waited behind the corner that when he came around I could scare him bad. So I waited there smiling at myself and just waiting to jump at him. I could barely contain myself as I waited. Then I saw his shadow and knew the time was right. I jumped out and screamed "aurghhhhhh" and my husband in reply screamed like a girl! I have never heard him like that before as his hands fluttered around his face and the high pitched scream subsided I fell to the floor in laughter. It was the higlight of my week. My husband is hard to scare many people have tried and it rarely works. So the fact that I pulled it off and even made him scream like a girl was fabulous!


stephanie garcia said...

Oh Erin, I can just picture it! How hilarious ... I can't wait to have Pedro read this story! (:

Anonymous said...

I loved this. It made me laugh. I see the adventurous little girl in you and the vulnerable, but good-natured man God gave you. Keep enjoying life and one another. Yours always no matter where God takes you, Kathy