Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Here I am yet again my heart full and unsure of what to write. I keep reading other peoples blogs and it fills me with so much sadness. I don't know what to do. I want to do something anything to make peoples lives better. Part of me says "just stop reading them they affect you to much" but they should affect me. Shouldn't they? I should want to go help them. SHoulnd't I? Even though it's hard for me to read them, I will have to continue reading. I want to be made aware. Because the more aware I am the more I pray and the more I pray the closer I know GOd!


Well it is now registration time for schools here. So my husband and I have been trying to find a school we want for our son logan one that we can afford. We want to send him to a christian school here for many differing reasons. But unfortunatly we aren't really able to afford that. So we've been praying about it. Well today we were able to go and register him. So he is registered at a christian school here in town. I don't kow where the rest of the money will come from to pay for his books, uniform, and tuition but GOd knows. Please just pray with us that we would be able to get all the money we need for this.