Thursday, July 8, 2010

New Chapter In our lives...

Ever since we left texas my heart has longed, and cried out to be doing something in the ministry. I have missed our church we left behind in texas terribly. To be honest one of the hardest things for me to ever do was say goodbye to that church and the people in it! I fell hard for that place. I love Pastor Garcia and his family they taught us so much. I don't leave parts of my life easily. I don't enjoy change. It takes me a long time to get used to changes. But everytime we would consider leaving virginia and move on to something else God would close those doors. ANd He would close them HARD! It soon became obvious to us that He didn't want us moving that we needed to be content where He had us and serve in areas that we could. So we did. I started working with MOPS and Ramon and i started teaching a wednesday night childs class. And have just been part of the church. THen things started getting to a point where we were unhappy and yet God still did not give us the ok to move on. So we waited and prayed and got nothing. And then we were called to a meeting with the pastor of our church. He wanted to ask Ramon and I if we would be willing to take over the Youth Pastors position! We were thrilled and excited. THis is our very hearts desire to work with youth. We have such a passion in us to see the youth of today strive for Christ. To see them long for Him! O thank you Jesus!

Lord, help us! Be with us in this journey. Help us to glorify you, to never loose sight of the cross. To be willing and able to make the sacrifices we need to. Thank you Father!