Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Moving on.....

Well it looks like i'm finally back up and running! I can finally log on to my own blog again. SO many things have been going on lately. Just 2 mths left till graduation and then finally it will be time to leave this place. I didn't want to leave for a while and now all i can think about is getting out of here. BUt oh the packing that needs to be done in order to be ready on time.
Its so funny to me how time changes people. I look back and see how Ramon and I were when we first came here and realize the amount that we have changed. We really aren't even the same people anymore. In so many ways we were still kids. The experiences and circumstances that we have gone through since being here have turned us into adults. (whether we like it or not) :)
The people that we have had the privilege of meeting and some even becoming close and dear friends. The trials that the Lord has allowed us to go through in order to bring us closer to Him. The heartaches that we have experienced both separatly and as a couple. All the joy that God has given to us. The indescribable way that Lord has allowed us to see HIS hand moving amongst HIS people. I haven't attended a single class here and yet I feel as though I have learned so much. I consider myself priviledged to be able to serve GOd in the way that He has called my family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I guess what I'm trying to say in this blog is that I'm ready to move on. I'm ready to start this next phase that the Lord has for us. Pray for us as we prepare ourselves for the rest of the journey. The great part is that we know where the ending will take us it's just the part in the middle that is a mystery.


stephanie garcia said...

And the even greater part is that there is Someone Who DOES know the beginning, the end, AND the middle and will make all things work together for good ... (:

Tami said...

I am thinking of certain Valentine Banquet so many years ago when you spoke no spanish and he very little english yet you two went together anyway. And here you are many years later with three little kids--which I have offered to take for you-- and no barriers to stop you. May God make known HIS will to you at the right time. I pray everyday that you will continue to be blessed by God and that you continue to grow in Him and his ways. I love you sis.