Monday, March 10, 2008

For Tricia,,

It's so funny that I'm doing this today. Today was an extremely frustrating day for me with my kids. I actually ended up in tears because i was so overwhelmed. Even though I don't know Tricia personally I do find myself thinking of her and Gwyneth when things seem never ending. So Tricia this is for you....
I can't wait for you to experience.....

Being thrown up on and pooped on at the same time,
Being woken up 12 times in one night,
Having your child be perfectly fine till the phone rings and then they decide that the world is about to come to an end and need your undivided attention right that second,
To be walking out the door and have someone spill something on you and truly not caring because it just happens all the time,
To have someone come to the door and realize that your 2 year old is running around naked behind you,
The moment your husband walks in the door inform him that it's HIS TURN!
To play in the snow or the rain with your children,
To experience the first REAL hug from your daughter,
TO have your daughter tell you she loves you and that your the best,
To hear her laughter as she watches her favorite cartoon,
To hear her thanking GOd for you,

I needed to do this tonight. I needed to remember why I wanted to be a stay at home mom in the first place. YOu are still in my prayers Nate and Tricia,,,,