Sunday, December 2, 2007


Please pray for Ramon and his family. TOday Ramon's grandmother passed away. She was very old but that doesnt make the pain any less.
Ramon is feeling very guilty as this is the 3rd person that he was close to, to pass away since leaving venezuela. He has never been able to return to be with his family and that will not be different this time. Please pray for him.


Today there is voting going on in venezuela. Please be in prayer for venezuela today. Today, will determine the future of all venezuelans. CHevez said in a speech last week that he was willing to hurt anyone who got in his way. THat he was willing to personally get his rifle and start shooting. Please pray for Ramon's brother and sister, JeanCarlos and Cenia, as they are working the voting tables in the town where they are from. Pray that the people will come out and vote no and not be afraid. Pray that the voting will be done legall and the voice of the people will come through. Just please remember venezuela and the people there!