Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good Friends, Good Times

Last weekend we had the joy of spending the weekend with our very good friends Tami and Glenn Clodgo. Tami was an answer to prayer for me our first semester of Bible School. I'll never forget the day that I had just walked out of my apartment with my son who was only 7mths old at the time after a time of serious prayer asking the Lord to provide a friend for me. I walked down to the laundry mat when a car pulled up beside me and said "what a beautiful little girl!" of course my first response was "it's not a girl, it's a boy!" but from then on she became one of my best friends that semester. We spent just about every weekend at their house playing games, Glenn was the one who gave Logan his first piece of chocolate cake, Tami made me an awesome birthday dinner. They were wonderful friends of ours and it was wonderful to see them again. They are now missionaries in spain and their 2 kids have grown so much. We have 2 more kids than that first semester. So much had changed and yet it seemed like just yesterday that we had seen them. We have no idea when we will see them again so it was wonderful to visit with them. So thank you Lord, for that wonderful blessing. Please pray for them as they work in the country of Spain. As they try to break through the barriers there.

Tami and Glenn we love you guys and it was beyond wonderful to see you guys