Friday, November 16, 2007

Game night

I am on my way out the door for a game night! I love games! We are going to have popcorn and brownies and chips and sodas. And the kids will be occupied watching a movie projected on the side of the storage building. About 6 or 7 couples are coming. So...... Let the games begin!!!


THe last we heard was that the couple was going to be deported this evening and arriving in miami at 6:40.

Prayer Needed

I just want to ask all of you who read this to pray for a couple (friends of ours) who were arrested yesterday in venezuela. They are being deported to Miami today. The rumor is is that the wife and 2 kids will be deported and the husband will be left there in prison. That part no one is positive of yet. Please pray for them. There children are 4 and 11 mths and the wife (Sarah) is 5mths pregnant. THere names are Gary and Sarah Greenwood. THey were not allowed to go home and get any of there belongings.
This just proves venezuela is not as safe as some poeple are led to believe. Please be in prayer for this couple and for venezuela.