Thursday, February 28, 2008

God is Bigger than we think!

I just came from my Bible study and wow was it awesome! Not only what we learned but also because of the things that happened afterwards. God answered several prayers tonight in incredible ways and I am so thankful and in awe of Him right now.Let me share some of what we learned tonight. I am doing the studay Jesus the One and Only by Beth Moore and it is truly amazing. We are getting to see so many sides of Jesus and it's fabulous. The reason tonight has touched me so deeply is because it talks so much about things that have been a struggle for me the last couple of days. I have been talking lately about what we can do to help others who are struggling and I know i've been saying the least we can do is pray but in reality that is not the least that is the most. So many times we think that if we just had this much money, or a little bit more power in the world we could get things done. But who are we kidding! We serve a KING who has the most riches in the universe and who has the ultimate power. If we take our problems to HIS throne we are taking them to the ultimate doctor, the richest being in the universe, the guy with the most political power, the most compassionet, the one who created us! We are taking them to I AM WHO I AM! Jesus the ONE AND ONLY! wow! Just think about that for a minute. I am in awe of God right now.Anyways back the the study...... We were talking tonight about our perspective of Christ. I'm going to share some thoughts with you from Beth Moore my favorite one is.... Shatter my perspective of you God and show me the reality of you! Isn't that awesome. It struck home with me because I don't think we (i know i dont) think of God as big as He really is. We have to think bigger! He is capable of anything and everything if he so chooses. Nothing is to big for him. This thought is going to be something that I start praying daily. I want Him to show me who He really is. I want to know Him more and more! Another one I thought was good See me in every place, there is no place I don't have dominion! So true. Even in the problems that we think are to "small" He is there with them or in the ones where they just seem to "huge" He is there. Isn't it amazing to think and to know that He is EVERY part of our lives He is there. I mean wow He is amazing! So go about your day and just be calm because He is there nothing is happening without His knowledge or without Him there holding your hand through it all!