Monday, April 16, 2007

Logan's Birthday

Aargh................... How many little pirates does it take to tire out 1 set of parents????? I know, 8! Here are all the little ones from Logan's birthday party. His theme was pirates so they got to go on a treasure hunt. Here is the cake. Pirates of the Caribean was the theme.
For once I actually got him right as he was blowing out his candles!
This is Logan's friend Eva. They seem to have little crushes going on for eachother. She was the one person he kept saying over and over to invite. :)
Here is a shirt we had all the kids sign. We wanted to have something for him to remeber the people here that were important to him.
The party was a huge success. He got lots of great presents. THings that he has been asking for for a while. The kids were exhausted by the end of the day. Logan and Jhocy were asleep before 6:30. I knew the party was a success when I heard one of the kids say "THis is the best party ever, it's better than Christmas!!!!"