Thursday, June 19, 2008

ONe of THOSE moms!!!

Well I've done it.... I've finally become one of those moms!! I have put my kids on a STRICT schedule! I have been so exhausted and irritated in the morning because all 3 kids wake up SOOO early. So Ramon and I talked and we came up with a schedule that we are going to keep! I'm determined. THe kids will not be allowed to come downstairs until 8:00 AM but they are also not going to be going to bed until 8:40 PM. We have chore time, craft time, free time, reading time, all kinds of things. To be honest they are not liking "the schedule" as they are calling it but you know what I LOVE IT! I loved having an hr to myself this morning before I had to be "mom" It is making for a much happier ME! And it is making things around here run alot smoother. So yes I am one of those mothers who do the schedule thing even though I swore to myself I wouldn't be, I have to admit it really is the better way to go!