Sunday, February 24, 2008

I'm sitting here in my bedroom with my heart full and unsure of how exactly to say what I'm feeling. You see I'm not a good writer I simply enjoy doing it. But I was just reading some other peoples blogs and I had tears streaming down my face. Let me explain why...
Nathan and Tricia who you can read about at I've written about them before but they truly have an amazing story. Tricia was listed and activated the other day on the transplant list. Which means at any time she could be called to have surgery. I was just reading Nathan's blog and he was just talking about understanding other peoples situations. He said he doesn't think we can ever fully understand what they are going through. I agree. I can't imagine how they are feeling right now. So many feelings my heart goes out to them. Congratulations TRicia!!
Pedro and Stephania Garcia or they are in the process of adopting there 4th and 5th child. My heart feels for them in so many ways. You see concieving was never an issue for me and my husband. I truly can not understand how it must feel to desire that with everything in you and then making the decision to adopt and having that decision basically in someone else's hands. And then to finally get matched with your children and not be able to see them or hold them. Stephanie has a way of writing so beautifully about all of those feelings.
And then finally just thinking of all the little children that are out there right now suffering. I have really become aware of the country Haiti and all the people there in the last couple of months. I have another missionary friend who had been going to Haiti every other month working on a project there and my dad will be going next month and now my good friends are adopting from there. Haiti is the poorest country in the world. Children are dying there, eating dirt to simply survive, parents who are having their children die in their arms. I'm starting to tear up just thinking about it!
How can we as a society, as Christians do nothing. We were put on this earth to show Christ love to everyone. I cry for my kids when they are sad, how must these parents feel watching their children starve to death, or have them get sick and how no way of helping them? My heart cries out that this just isn't fair!!!!! My mind says "DO something Erin, don't just sit by and let all of this suffering go by for nothing" I want to be able to go to Tricia (who I have never met or spoken to, she knows nothing about me) and allow her to hold her baby and give her a wonderful set of lungs, I want to give Stephanie all the money she needs for the adoption and tell her to go pick up her kids, I want to go to Haiti and help every single person there in need. And yet.... I know this is not God's plan. I don't even try to understand the reason behind things. I know that God has a purpose for every little thing but that doesn't stop me from wanting to help. I don't know for sure yet how..... But I do believe that as child of the KIng I have a duty to show that love. I will pray for all of these people because I know that is the biggest and most powerful thing I can do for anyone. I will pray that Tricia is able to have her surgery soon and heal quickly, I will pray for the Garcia's adoption that they get the money they need and for the protection of the twins, and I will pray for the people of Haiti that they will feel the love and warmth of the One who created them!