Thursday, October 18, 2007


Today at mops was an interesting morning. To start off with.... I'm sitting at the table with different people when I look up and see a man that looks like he has just stepped off the set of Men In Black! I start laughing and tell everyone that he looks like he is with the CIA or FBI. Then we see him greet other people so we just go on with our business. THen they introduce our speeker and up comes our man. And he does work with the FBI actually and undercover agent! How exciting is that. He starts off with "I don't want to scare you but..." It was actually very informative and very interesting. He told us all about child safety on the internet and with strangers. Things to do just in case something horrible happens to our kids and when it really is ok to call the cops. It's such a sad place that our world has become. When we can't even let our kids go outside without the worry of who is out there watching. Things happen in just a matter of minutes sometimes seconds. What are we as parents supposed to do? My stomach turns as i think about it and my heart breaks for the parents who are living it right now. All I can do is pray!

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