Monday, August 24, 2009

Not MY child!!

The other day when I decided to brave shopping with my sister and ALL 3 KIDS. For some unknown reason. I mean I know not to try clothes shopping with all of them. I mean that is just insanity right! Well my daughter certainly did not have a meltdown on the way out of the store. And definantly not one of those kinds that involves serious screaming and red in the face from her. And i definantly did not receive stares from strangers that i just stared right back at. I have much better behaved children than that and that would never happen on my watch!

And yesterday while talking about my oldest son's dentist appointment with my mother my son certainly did not say "Grandpa needs to go to the dentist to." And I was certainly not there going "logan shh, logan bequiet" To definantly not have him add on "Grandpa's teeth are yellow!"

And last of all just a few minutes after the illfated not had conversation of people's teeth my youngest son certainly did not come to me and say "mommy i need to go potty." "ok jesse lets go inside" "no mommy, i wana pee in the grass!!!" Definantly not my child I have never let them do that, we always use the toilet inside!!!

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