Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hope vs Longings

As I was sitting here thinking about the things I "hope" for the thought struck me that I actually have hope and longing confused. You see there are many things that I long for. I long for that new pair of Nike tennis shoes I saw the other day, I long to have more money, I long for a bigger house, I long for more clothes. Do you get where I'm going with that? As a little girl I longed to be older so that I could do more things. But while I was pondering these things i realized that hope comes from somewhere deep inside of us. It comes from that place that is rarely looked at because the things that we truly hope for have the possibility of bringing with it a deep sadness if it hasn't been fulfilled. Because the things that we truly hope for are things that have the possibility of taking our breath away once they have been fulfilled. The things that I hope for is getting on the mission field. Even the thought of that brings tears to the surface because I hope for it so badly! I hope that my children will grow up to be Godly people who serve him with their entire being. The idea of that not coming about brings terror into my soul. Hope is something that God puts in us and it is something that keeps us going on this earth.

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Tricia said...

Such a wonderful thing to hope for.