Monday, March 26, 2007

Jhocy's second birthday

We got this cake for the reason that the butterflies
on top are lipgloss inside :)

Here the birthday girl is waiting for her cake.
Here Jhocy was in the middle of opening her birthday presents

but after she got her long awaited backpack from Grandma and

Grandpa she just didn't care about the rest. (Oh the joy of being 2


Here all the kids are in front of the pool with there birthday

sunglasses. The party lasted for about 3 1/2 hrs. THey slept fabulous

that night. :)


stephanie garcia said...

Unfortunately I was too sick to enjoy the party, but I know my kids sure did! Happy Birthday, Jhocy! (:

Renee said...

The pool sure brought back memories! You have such adorable kids! Jhocy looks the same but different! I think it's that her hair is longer now! Jesse is adorable! And HUGE...I can't believe he and Jhocy are related. Anyway, enjoyed your blog and especially the pics!