Sunday, April 1, 2007

Logan and Daddy wrestling

Now you must know that ever since Logan could crawl Ramon started getting down on the ground and wrestling with him. The 2 of them wrestle very rough to. Ramon has always done the following to Logan "Do you give up? YES! Don't just give up tell me why you give up! Because I give up! BUt why do you give up?! And Logan's answer... Because I'm a baby!!!!!"
Now Logan's goal in life has been to get his daddy to say the same thing to him. He always doing crazy things and when you ask him what he is doing he will calmly say "Getting energy to beat my daddy" Till finally he got that energy!
One day they were wrestling and Logan had his daddy down and there was no getting out. And Logan goes "Do you give up? Yes! Don't just give up tell me why you give up! Because I give up! And Ramon's answer..... Because I'm a baby!!!!!!"
Logan couldn't have been prouder! He was telling us all about how he made his daddy say he was a baby......


nuh-nuh and uncle darren said...

do we have a champion in our midst? WAY TO GO LOGAN!!!!!!!!!

nuh-nuh and uncle darren said...

WWE is always looking for new champions

stephanie garcia said...

Too funny!!

Anonymous said...



i still say i get teh presents. i was the one in labor 25 years ago.

Connie said...

HI Erin I guess you had a blast watching Logan get the upper hand on his Dad. Love it!!!!!