Monday, March 26, 2007

THe View

As I watched the View this morning (i only watch so i can argue with them) a particular subject caught my interest. THey were talking about whether or not the Bible should be taught in schools as an elective. I of course say Yes!!!! But as usual Joy had to voice her very loud opinion on the matter. SHe says no. Now I say evolution is taught in schools and now even homosexuality is taught in schools so why not christianity. It seems to me that the people who refuse to even have an open mind about it is because they are scared of the message that it brings. But what really annoyed me is that Joy basically started making fun of the people that believe in the BIble. Saying how can they believe that the ark was really made and all those animals were on board. It just annoys me how people that now so little of these things will voice such a load opinion about it and that the people who actually know stay so quiet.....

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