Thursday, May 6, 2010

Two Years

I have started noticing something about me recently. Two years, that is what it takes for me to start feeling at home somewhere, to feel comfortable, to feel like I belong. It was 2 years in december since we moved here to virginia from texas. I have just recently started feeling as if this is home. To start making friends. It took me 2 years in texas to actually start feeling like I liked it there. It's very difficult for me to move, to leave my life, to leave my friends. WHen I love something, anyone, I do it with everything in me. So when I leave them, those things in my life that bring me comfort I feel like I am abondoning them. It leaves a whole in my heart. Leaving texas was harder than I ever imagined it would be. I fell hard for the state of texas and the people in it. It's an amazing state with even more amazing people. It was hard for me to move past that. But thank God, I can finally say I'm happy now in virginia! I have great friends here, great ministries I'm involved in. Virginia is my home now. If we ever move again, I know now that it will be 2 yrs of a long hard process. A time of healing for me but I also know now there is light on the other side. Thank God, for the heart HE gave me of loyalty and great love but also Thank God that he brings other people into this life not to replace those friendships but only to add to the joy of life!

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