Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Growing up in Venezuela had it's ups and downs. The downs weren't really the countrie's fault that had to do with other circumstances. But you see I love venezuela. It is a beautiful country with wonderful people. Even in the jungle is gorgeous. There is nothing like going out onto the river where the only noises to be heard is the birds and the quiet yet strong current flowing by. I love the jungle. As strange as that is for many of you to hear me say that I truly love venezuela and all it's many faults. Don't get me wrong I love the states as well but there is always going to be a piece of me that belongs in venezuela. Ramon finishing school in 5 weeks is very bittersweet for the both of us. We were supposed to be returning to venezuela but since we feel that door has been closed for our family we will be moving to panama instead. I'm excited about the idea of moving there but my heart cries out that we won't be able to go 'home' instead. It saddens us greatly when we think of the things that are happening there. It used to be a place where we could walk around and feel safe even us americans. But the reports we are getting now is that even for the national girls it's not safe for them to out alone. Please if you think of venezuela pray for it! Pray for the people who are living there and are struggling with the new laws, pray for the churches as they are trying to be wiped out, pray for the missionaries that are still there, and most importantly pray for the president! If God can change Pharoahs heart he can certainly change this one!

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stephanie garcia said...

I so appreciated meeting the Venezuelan missionary wife a couple of weeks ago ... know that there are still the faithful ones preaching the Truth as they are able! Never give up hope!