Tuesday, November 6, 2007

For my mother in law

This is dedicated to my mother in law, Josefina. I have been thinking about her so much. On september 30 Ramon passed his 5 yr mark of being here in the united states. My heart breaks for his family and his mother especially. As a mother I just can't imagine going 5 yrs without seeing one of my children. We never invisioned it being this long but money has never allowed us to go back for a visit. THere are days when my eyes just fill with tears when I think about how she must feel. My kids have never met her and that is sad itself. I know they would love her. She is just a bundle of fun, so much fun to be around. So Josefina I know you will more than likely never see this but this is for you. We love you and miss you more than you know. Hopefully one day soon we will see eachother on the soil's of venezuela!

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stephanie garcia said...

I know this has been on your heart all the time I've known you. In fact, I wish I could meet your mother-in-law after everything I've heard. (: We will keep praying that someday all of this will change for the better!