Thursday, September 16, 2010


It seems this has been a topic in my life lately. We talked about it last Friday at the Friday morning Bible study I attend. My husband preached on it to the youth last night at youth group. I feel as though i'm suffering right now. I realize that I'm not really suffering just going through some discomfort but I would really love to throw myself a pity party about it right now. My hip is hurting me so bad right along with my back. But oh well soooo not the point of this post. Anyways..... Our conversation at Bible study was about our reaction to suffering.... Do we call on the Lord more in the midst of our suffering? Is that the only reason at all we call on Him? Do we only ask for help or do we praise Him for it? Do we whine and complain about it while we are going through it, or do we "man up" and just focus on getting through it?
I try very hard to have a "praying without ceasing" relationship with Christ. I talk to him almost all the time. I'm constantly talking to Him in my head. I love that we can do that with Christ talk to Him about the random things that no one else really cares about. But I do have to admit my prayers get much deeper when i'm going through a crisis. I want to change that I want to have deep prayers with Him constantly.
Praising Him in the midst of the storm is something I am learning to do. It is coming with each trial I go through. I think the reason is, I have seen Him so much in my life use the trials for His greater good. Seen Him grow me, seen Him grow others, seen huge blessings come through the little bit of suffering I have gone through. I use the word suffering here very loosely. I really don't consider the trials I have gone through in this life as suffering. There are many, many people that have experienced suffering in the worst of its form. For those people I pray and will continue to pray that they will have strength and even in the midst of it they will see God working and loving them.
I just want to take every oportunity that He gives me in this life to grow closer to Him. I guess what I'm trying to say is that suffering is a necessary part of this life. I believe it makes us long for heaven all the more. Makes us long for His glory. O how I long for the day when all the suffering will be no more, when all the tears will be wiped away. O MY! Think about that! His hand wiping away your tears! It takes my breath away....

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