Monday, July 21, 2008


My mom's dog is lost. THis dog is very very special to her. She waited and longed and searched for a dog that she could afford and that was just perfect for her when she moved back to the states. She bought this dog about 2 yrs ago. One of the ideas of this dog was to be able to breed her so that they could make some money from puppies. SO last sunday she was taken to a place about 45 minutes from here for a week. My mom went to pick her up on friday and the lady informed her that she had LOST her dog. She just ran away. This lady has not been very helpful. SHe has put up a couple of signs and helped a little bit looking for her but no like someone who has lost a dog. The whole thing just does not sit right with me. THe dog (Pepper) is a very obedient dog she never runs away, she always comes when called, something just is not right here. My mom and dad have spent the last 3 days looking for her. Me and my sisters and husbands and kids all went last night looking for her. We saw her and she took off! We don't know what to do. SOmething has her spooked and there is nothing we can do! They can't catch her. Personally I don't trust the lady that had her. Pepper is not herself and I really think something happened to her. Please, Please pray that they catch her soon.

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