Friday, June 6, 2008

Well it is only 8:19 and I have been up for about 2 hrs already. Oh the joys of young children who wake up at the crack of dawn.
Logan is at his cousins house for the weekend. He was so excited yesterday when he was leaving that he was going to get to stay for 2 whole nights! It's the most exciting that has ever happened in his young little life.
So Jhocy is in the living room watching a Barbie movie. For the mothers out there for have daughters Barbie movies are great for them. Clean and just to cute.
Jesse is running around causing havoc wherever he can. 1 yr olds.... there is nothing quite like them. :)
So not alot on the agenda for the day. CLean the kitchen AGAIN! I swear cleaning the kitchen has to take up at least 1 3rd of our lives! Never ending. Just going to clean up some, boil some eggs, give the kids some nap time and just enjoy the day. At the moment I'm feeling pretty relaxed and up for the day. I'll check back in tonight at let you know how long that feeling lasted!

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