Monday, April 14, 2008

Why I'm a stay at home mom!

Ever since Jhocelyn asked Jesus into her heart she talks about God almost nonstop. She can not wait to get to heaven! She thinks (as she should) that it is the most exciting thing ever. This morning I was listening to some worship music as I was making breakfast and the song that says "People get ready, Jesus is coming, Soon we'll be going home" was on and she came running into the kitchen saying is Jesus coming now to get us mom? And I said once again (she is having a hard time understanding that no one knows when he is coming) "I don't know Jhocy, we just have to be ready for him" and she went running out saying "We just have to always be ready cause He's coming soon!"
That is why I'm a stay at home mom! There are days when I get so stressed and so tired. Like this morning. I was listening to praise music because I woke up in a bad mood and was trying to get my spirit in the right place. And then one of my kids will say something like that. It's all worth it so see my 3 yr old so excited about the return of Christ! To hear her say with complete confidence "I'm going to heaven because I asked Jesus in my heart!"

Thank you GOd for my children! Help me to be the kind of mother that will guide them and show them your love on a daily basis. Help me to remember that I'm reflecting you in the way I treat them and the way I interact with them. Help me when I get angry to remember that the sin has already been forgiven by you and I simply need to teach them the right way to go and not yell at them. Help me to be the kind of mother to Logan, Jhocelyn and Jesse that when I get to heaven I can stand before you and say "Father I did my best" Help me Father.....

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stephanie garcia said...

Erin, I just read this post for the first time and I LOVE that Jhocy has this kind of joy and excitement in her heart. Today Owen asked me out of the blue, "Jesus die for ME??" and I don't know what he was thinking but I hope it means that the Holy Spirit is getting his heart ready!