Sunday, March 23, 2008

1 life born, 2 united, 2 to meet their Savior,

ON Good friday all of those things happened. A very close friend of mine gave birth to her daughter EMily Esther in the wee hrs of the morning. Several hours later people from my church were married. I didn't know them but they attend my church and my mother helped organize the wedding for the church. ANd yet 2 others were taken very un-expectantly from their families. I didn't know them either but yet they were family to a close friend of mine.

Why am I writing about this? Simply because it's easter sunday, resurrection sunday, the day that explains and is the very basis of my faith.

Even though there are families out there who are celebrating the first easter with out loved ones they still have hope. Today as I was in the service I couldn't help but think about all of the people I am writing about. A child was born on the very day that Christ died for me! Two people went before Him and connected their lives on the day that Christ died for me! And..... 2 poeple met Christ on the very day that He died for me!

HOPE!!! That is the word for all of those people. The parents of EMily have hope for her life because Christ died for her. The couple who were married have hope for their marriage because Christ died for them. The family's who lost their loved ones have hope they they will see them again because Christ died for them!

All these people who have never met, know nothing about eachother and yet are somehow connected simply because of the fact that Christ died for them!

As you go about your week think of Christ and the sacrifice that He made for you and make sure that you have the same hope that they have and that I have.

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stephanie garcia said...

Beautiful thoughts, Erin!