Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Bigger Part,,,,,

Have you ever just looked at your life and said "There has to be more than this?" That is how I have been feeling lately. Living on campus I didn't often feel like this. I think I just felt that it was ok because we were "preparing" ourselves. Now that school is over and we are here life just seems so blah. Make sense? It just seems like there has to be more. THere has to be more than waking up, Ramon going to work, me cleaning and cooking, Ramon coming home from work and then bed time.
Don't get me wrong it's not bad and I know God has a purpose for us in our time here before we move off to panama. I'm excited to get there. Excited to see the work that GOd has for us there.
BUt at the same time I know God has a purpose for us here......

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