Wednesday, January 30, 2008

THanks to my friend Stephanie she has made me aware of other people blogs. People who greatly need our prayers right now. Me and my children are now trying to pray for these people daily. One that had me in tears today was someone that I just read about on Stephanies blog (you can see her blog by clicking on ) It was about the Mathenia family. Her name was Amber Mathenia and she died last week from a car accident. She had 2 small children and a husband. Her and her family were missionaries in Ethiopia. Even though I have never met her I am deeply touched by what her friends and family had to say about her. Over and over again people said she loved the Lord in everything she did. My heart goes out to her family and my prayers to.
We need to live our lives as if we will not have another second. It seems that everywhere I look in this world anymore is pain and suffering. Sometimes it seems so overwhelming and yet at the same time you know pain and suffering are all part of our lives.
If i sound like i'm rambling i'm sorry. I'm not a good writer and yet there are times where I just need to do something with my thoughts or explode.
Sometimes life is overwhelming and yet we know God is still in control. My point is just remember to pray for the others out there don't become so wrapped up in our own lives (as painful as they may be at times) that we forget about all the others out there.

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