Thursday, January 31, 2008


I'm doing a Bible Study by Beth Moore called Jesus the ONe and ONly. Last night the video was talking about suffering and I found that kind of ironic because the one thing I have been noticing the last couple of weeks is how much suffering there is in this world. Thanks again to my friend Stephanie who reads other peoples blogs all the time she has made me aware of so many other people stories. ONe that I really encourage you all to go check out is they are going through some difficult situations right now and yet both of them have wonderful attitudes about it and are praising God. I don't know them and they don't know me but they could use our prayers right now.
It seems to me that we are surrounded in a world of suffering and pain and not on purpose by any of us we seem to forget about it. We tend to just stay in our comfort zones and forget about all the people who are out there going through difficult situations. We as a society and christians need to stay more aware. We might not be able to do anything personally for them but we can definantly use the most powerful weapon we have.. which is prayer. There are people out there who need all the prayers they can get.
Everyone out there who is going through a difficult situation and who knows Christ as there Saviour knows that Christ is in control but there is a comfort in knowing that thousand even just 1 or 2 are praying for you. I encourage all of you to pray for people that you don't know. Lift them up to the throne of Christ take them to the feet of the King, where better to leave them than with the person who has known them since the beginning of time?